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Why? Because we have it all.. Skill.. Leadership.. Accountability.. And we have overcome obstacles and now we will show and help you to overcome yours. Surreal Body Solutions is a private personal training studio owned and operated by Zeke Samples, a world ranked athlete and IFA certified personal trainer. Our Private and Semi-Private Programs deliver Fitness, Wellness, and Health that is by design. We help the beginner to advanced level teenage to adult individual obtain the results desired along with nutrition accountability paired with the best service in the industry.


Surreal Body Solutions is built on the belief that our client’s needs are of the utmost importance and we are committed to meeting those needs. 

Our Programs are broad, yet focused on the individual goals of the client's needs, and fully life-rewarding.  We offer you the opportunity to work with us and we are driven to deliver the best results.


From early morning classes to training with a friend, we believe in the approach to wellness is anchored by friends and family.  Inquire how we can help you meet your goals with group training.


Nutrition is the going to be the key to overall longevity, health improvement, and the reaching of your goals.  We take pride in educating you on the nutritional modalities and aspects of nutrition that is right for YOU, not everyone.  We also teach you how to apply food preparation to your lifestyle and the act of making good nutritional choices when out.


With world class leadership, patience and dedication to success, your goals can be achieved with Zeke or one of his trainers on staff.  Personal training availability is from the early morning to the late evening and the workouts are designed for your success. We start with a private consultation, we call this the ‘discovery’, where we find out exactly what you need and then we set a plan of action to place, decide the visits per week you will need to reach your goals, and work towards the steps it takes to get you to a new and better YOU.

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Surreal Body Solutions

- Personal Training Studio
- Private and Semi-Private Personal Training
- Family Valued
- Improving Youth Sports
- Q & A Sessions
- Weight Loss
- Therapy Rehabilitation
- Strength, Cross Training and Core Fitness for Runners

- Nutrition
- Strength and Conditioning
- Body Toning
- Behavior Modification
- Motivation
- Accountability  
- Aligning Exercise & Nutrition for Optimum Results
- Corrective Exercise



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