About Us

Surreal Body Solutions was born out of the philosophy that fitness should increase longevity and form strong bodies. 

Surreal Body Solutions' specialty are:

Weight management, weight-loss, core strength and body balance, nutritional guidance and planning for the athlete to the business professional; travel planning, compound movement specifics and adaptation (to achieve isolated results in the desired target areas of the individual's body), personal accountability and goal setting. 

Zeke Samples  |  Founder Surreal Body Solutions

Zeke Samples  |  Founder Surreal Body Solutions

A WBFF Pro athlete, master personal trainer and coach has five abilities: he knows how to educate, demonstrate, participate, innervate and graduate clients one after another. With over 16 years professional training and nutritional experience, Zeke aligns his world-ranked competitive background to solidify the success for the client, keeping them motivated and accountable.  Overcoming scoliosis, Zeke understands the benefits of not only core balance, but also the alignment of the spine and how it can improve an individual's lifestyle and well-being through proper, guided exercise and nutrition.  

Being told you 'Can't Do Something'; the 'Odds are Against You'; those statement make you either stronger or fearful.  Zeke tells his clients that 'he wasn't looking for exercise'; in fact, exercise 'found him'.  Being diagnosed with scoliosis and kyphosis as a young teenager, Zeke had to exercise to strengthen the muscles in his back to avoid having surgery.  His fortitude and motivation caught the eye of a few leaders in the health and wellness industry, and at age 17, Zeke was directly mentored by professional athletes and by 18, was a nationally ranked fitness athlete.  At 23, he decided he wanted to take a break from competition to teach others how to succeed in their fitness endeavors, meeting their goals and changing their lives.  Surreal Body Solutions was born.

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