Online Training

The Blueprint for your new body

Working with a personal trainer is no longer a luxury.  These days, having one by your side proves your commitment to a lifestyle change that will lead to a better body, and your overall well-being.

Phase 1

  • General Conditioning
  • Aches/Pain Reduction
  • Muscular Imbalances
  • Understanding Your Body

Phase 2

  • Major Fat Loss
  • Toning
  • Avoid Plateaus
  • More Advanced Workouts

Phase 3

  •  Permanent Metabolism
  • New Body Mastery
  • Exercise and Nutritional Understanding
  • Maintenance

Perks of having your own Surreal Body Solutions Personal Trainer:

  • You'll learn new things
  • You'll push your limits
  • We'll keep you from plateauing
  • We're here to help, not to judge
  • Workouts and programs that fulfill your unique needs
  • Better results in less time
  • And the most important thing- you have someone there motivating you to succeed! 

The benefits of hiring a personal trainer can be outstanding.  A qualified, experienced personal trainer inspires dramatic lifestyle changes that last.