Phyzeke Body Transformation

You want to change your current lifestyle to a place where your fitness level is improved and your personal wellness is at an all-time high?  Do you have the heart and attitude of a winner to do your part? If yes, then you are ready for your next step: a professional to guide you and the heart of a winner to do your part, together, we will succeed!

Zeke is available to answer questions, offer tips, and to support you- he's even there to provide motivation, if that's what you need.

A WBFF Pro, past national champion and world-ranked athlete, Zeke understands the different needs of his clients. 

To start, Zeke will have a few requests from you..  A lifestyle questionnaire form will be emailed to you, please fill it out completely and send it back; Zeke would like photos back (head being cropped out is fine) and this will allow him to design a unique plan to keep you accountable for eating correctly and performing the exercises that suit your both your body type and fitness goals. 

What you are going to get is a total health transformation; a mix of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to burn fat, weight training to shape your physique and increase muscle mass, and a plan to help sustain the results and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It sounds tough, but its really about dedicating yourself to your health and well-being.

Of course, the nutritional plan does not work unless you work. We all know that there is no magic pill that will make you shed the pounds and make you a lean, mean fighting machine. 

This is why The Phyzeke Body Transformation fitness plan helps you change your attitude toward your body and your food. Remember- it's a complete lifestyle change!