Exercises for the Home: Fall Season is Here !

Fall is officially here and Winter is right around the corner! In this season of renewal, it's time to step up and take control of what matters most: Your Health!

Are you tired of feeling tired? Why spend another day wishing you had more energy to do the things that matter most?

I want to talk about 3 exercise pieces of equipment that you could add to the home that are affordable.   Then touch on 5 exercises that you can perform with the resistance bands.  

Exercises in the home. You need just a few basic, very affordable items and accountability to perform the exercises below, each day. Each workout will get you in ether shape and put you in tune with your muscles and heart. Listed below are 3 equipment items I use with my clients; the exercises below that list, focus on movements using the third item, resistance bands.

Kettlebells: The kettle bell is a popular piece of workout gear; it's use stems back into ancient history. It is similar to a dumbbell because it comes in several different weights and is used for strength training. It looks like a bowling ball with a handle on the top of it; the handle allows for a larger variety of exercises while maintaining a stable grip. Mastery of the kettle bell calls for strength from the individual, but a safe move for a beginner is a two-handed swing, which works the entire body.

Medicine Ball: A medicine ball is another vital piece of outdoor gym gear to own. It looks like a kickball but is usually filled with sand to use as a weight. Not the same as a 'slam-ball' used in cross fit.  Medicine balls have a basketball-like exterior and come in several different weights, and you can use it for many different exercises. My favorite exercise to use with the medicine ball are medicine ball squats. The extra weight, when holding the ball, truly helps you to get more out of your normal everyday squat!  Raising the ball overhead at the end of each squat adds a shoulder press to the movement.  So versatile.

Resistance Bands: These are lightweight banded tubes, which are attached on both sides with handled grips. These are perfect additions to the home gym in so many ways; one major reason is because you can carry them anywhere. You can stash them inside your luggage when you travel, or ladies, your purse! Take them to a class you have at the gym; use them on breaks at work.. They are relatively inexpensive and on average cost around $15.

Resistance Band Exercises:

Upper Back Exercise: 


Attach the bands to a stable location, preferably a few inches off the ground (the lowest spindle on a staircase). Lying on your Back, start the body posture low enough/far enough away to feel tension when arms are fully extended overhead before performing the first repetition.
Pull handles of cable attachment to your shoulders while squeezing your upper back when handles are by the tips of your shoulders. Hold this position for 2 seconds, while focusing on the contraction of the Back.

- Perform 3 Sets of 15-25 repetitions (rep range depends on the tightness of band/intensity of the exercise movement)

Standing Chest Press:


Attach the bands to a stable location, best at chest height. Standing with your Back facing what you attached the bands to, place each handle in a hand (grab the handles so that they are underneath the hands, not over the top).
With arms 90°, one foot forward, and one foot behind, extend the arms out and right before they are fully extended, bring the hands together to meet in the middle. Return to the starting point where arms were at 90° to begin the second repetition. If you need to increase your intensity, step out further to increase the tension of the band/bands that you are holding.

- Perform 3 Sets of 15-25 repetitions (rep range depends on the tightness of band/intensity of the exercise movement)

Standing Bicep Curl:


Place the band under one foot, holding a handle in each hand. Keeping elbows still by the rib cage, raise your hands from your side/hips to chest level, keeping the elbows stable during the raise. To increase tension, add another band, or the second foot.

- Perform 3 Sets of 15-25 repetitions (rep range depends on the tightness of band/intensity of the exercise movement)

Standing Side Lateral Raise (Shoulders):


Place the band under one or two feet, holding a handle in each hand. Elevate your hands to your side, stopping at the horizontal/shoulder height position, extending arms mostly straight, but keeping elbows slightly bent and slightly above wrists when you reach horizontal. Don't let the hands be above the elbows. (This form will give you the best shoulder isolation).

- Perform 3 Sets of 15-25 repetitions (rep range depends on the tightness of band/intensity of the exercise movement)

Lying Upper Abdominal Crunches (Core):


On the ground, keep the handles by the temples of your head. To gain the correct resistance from the beginning of the first crunch, you will need to slide away from the point of where the bands were hooked. Keep hands attached to head, elbows in, as you bend your upper body forward, flat feet on ground, knees bent. Bend upper torso just from the rib cage, (the lower back should not elevate), only the shoulder blades leave the ground. Exhale at the top of the contraction; hold for a brief 2 seconds. Repeat. 

- Perform 5 Sets of 20-25 repetitions