What is the Glycemic Index and How is It Important to Me?


The Glycemic Index...a Very Important Numerical Measurement Scale that allows us to place a numerical value onto a carbohydrate, in turn classifying it by the value it possesses. This method was applied to foods and drinks which deliver digestible carbohydrates.  High Glycemic Carbs are rapidly digested and could be stored as fat, while Low Glycemic Carbs are absorbed slowly by the body, allowing for more bodily utilization.  Did you know that a piece of white bread has a numerical GI-value of 71, while a Doughnut is a 76!?.. That's right, our taste buds could be telling us one thing, while our body utilizes it about the same.  Think twice about those food choices-- Keep that G.I. intake LOW! What are some other choices of Low-G.I. Foods?  


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