Ab Blaster: Core Fitness, Strength, and Conditioning at Home

What is the Ab Blaster?

A no-gimmicks complete core workout device. The Ab Blaster is the first workout device to challenge your abs completely and conveniently in your home gym, or studio apartment with angular placement.

Precision targeting for high-impact core workouts. Most people think of the abs as one big muscle. They think that doing tons of sit-ups alone will sculpt their mid-section. It's true that sit-ups are great for 6-pack muscles, but "the core" actually refers to a complex muscle system.

With angular placement in 15-degree increments, the Ab Blaster takes the guesswork out of building a core workout into your exercise routine because you can target your abs 180 degrees from one oblique to the other and with proper form. 

Click Photo Above To Watch Video

Click Photo Above To Watch Video

A Core Workout for All Levels

Are you a hardcore athlete? Use the Ab Blaster to reach your next level of performance. Are you a newcomer to fitness? Here's one workout device that can get you on track to achieving abs that look good and feel even better.  

If you recently experienced an injury or pregnancy, the Ab Blaster is a great tool to support recovery. Using the Ab Blaster, you can target exact muscle groups in your core to maximize your workout time in the areas you need it most.  


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