Curb Your Cravings: Snacks to Help

Who isn't happier when they can eat carbs? The science behind carbohydrate breakdown begins when you realize how they are broken down by your body.  Your body uses carbohydrates to create something called glycogen which it then uses for energy throughout the day. Without this energy source your body is forced to rely on fats as energy or protein (which are much harder for your to use) for energy.

To reach your fitness and exercise goals, you must choose carbohydrates that are right for the process.  Sugar and fruit juice will spike your glucose levels causing you to feel extra fatigued and tired during the day.  There is great benefit in eating higher glycemic carbs after a workout, but that is a whole blog in itself.  

For our purposes today,  complex carbohydrates like whole grains, green vegetables, and beans take your body longer to digest and therefore help maintain relatively stable blood glucose levels  throughout the day. With complex carbohydrates you’ll find yourself with more energy, that also lasts longer.

Simple Ways to Cut Carbs

Burrito Bowl:

If you enjoy them, you know that they contain rice, salsa, meat, beans, corn, and veggies all rolled up in a delicious wrap just begging for us to indulge. The funny thing about burritos though, is that they taste just as delicious out of the wrap and in a bowl, as they do with the added carbs. Since you’ll already be partaking in the rice why not save yourself a few carbs by opting for a burrito bowl next time.

Add Vegetables to Your Oatmeal when You are Cutting Back on Your Oatmeal Portion:

If you’re determined to cut down on your carb intake but still want the health benefits associated with eating oatmeal, try adding a few hearty vegetables into the mix. You’ll end up serving yourself less oatmeal in your bowl when it’s sharing the space with veggies, which means less carbs! 

Using Nuts as a "Breading" for Your Baked Chicken

There is something about breaded chicken that just tastes so right. Unfortunately even a little bit of breading adds carbs to your diet that you just don’t need. I tried breading my chicken with crushed up nuts a few days ago instead of actual bread bits. You can use your favorite nut or experiment with different flavors until you find the one you like the best for your chicken.