Lower Your Blood Pressure: Naturally

High blood pressure can kill you; when high, it can lead to all types of different medical problems. But there are plenty of things people can do in their everyday life to improve their blood pressure. While many people take medication to lower their blood pressure, there are a ton of lifestyle changes you can make that will have the same effect. 

1. Go to the Gym

Like many health problems, high blood pressure can be controlled with just a little bit of exercise. Exercising for half an hour a day has shown to lower blood pressure by 4-9 millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). And if you already have hypertension, exercise can help bring your blood pressure down to a safer level. 

2. Diet Discipline

Fattening foods will hurt your blood pressure as well as your diet. A healthy diet that helps your blood pressure means cutting out the saturated fats and cholesterol. Limiting your sodium intake will also work wonders for your blood pressure (previous blog 07/18/16).

3. Indulge a Little

With dark chocolate... Studies have shown that dark chocolate contains flavanols that make blood vessels more elastic. A half ounce of dark chocolate that contains 70% cocoa a day can make a difference in your blood pressure.

4. Let it Go.. 

RELAX. Stress is a major influence on our blood pressure. It is important to find activities that help you relax and that you cut out all of the unnecessary stresses in your life. If you can identify what triggers your stress, then you can take the proper steps to eliminate the stress from your life. High blood pressure can lead to many fatal diseases if not kept in check. And while medication may be the easy answer, it doesn’t always come without side effects.