Client Testimonial from Lauren H.

At Surreal Body Solutions we accommodate all of your fitness needs!  With our 30 years of combined experience, no fitness challenge is a challenge we can’t conquer.  No matter your age or fitness level, we can help YOU!  Here is a client testimonial from Lauren H.

" In December 2012 I started a journey to transform my body and make a permanent commitment to my health. It’s been an amazing journey and helped me gain a personal strength I didn’t know that I had and allowed me to feel the best I have in most of my adult life. I would not have been able to accomplish living a healthier and active lifestyle without the support and guidance of a trainer here in the Ballantyne area, Jay Stogner.  Jay is the kind of trainer who wants to see you succeed, knows how to push you when you need it, and helps you with both the fitness and nutrition aspects of losing weight and getting to your goal.  With Jay’s help, I was able to lose almost 80 pounds in 10 months!  If you are trying to lose weight or already have a healthy lifestyle and just need to change things up to see results in an area you are struggling with, I encourage you to give Jay a call.  See below for more information and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions that I can help with! "

Are you trying to lose weight, but struggling?  Maybe you have a specific fitness goal you are trying to achieve, but need help getting there.  Nutrition is 75% or more of the equation!  Let our professionals help put this huge part of the puzzle into place and help you achieve your goals! Our studio fits everyone’s needs with semi private small group personal training sessions along with nutrition coaching.