A Few Habits People Who Have Lost Weight Have In Common

Losing weight is a deeply emotional, intensely personal, and potentially life-changing process for many people. But if there’s one thing that people who’ve lost weight have in common, it’s that they’ve tried a lot of different things to get them to where they are now—and ultimately, it’s a balanced outlook that helps them maintain the hard work they put into their goals.

Fuel Up with Healthy Foods - Making Better Choices
Proper nutrition is a major key to losing weight (and keeping it off). You have to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight.  Focusing on quality over quantity is very important to compliment results. For example, swapping the calorie-dense foods that they used to rely on (like sugary treats and fried anything) with cleaner foods like fresh veggies, fruits, and lean proteins is a great start.

Planning Ahead is Vital to Success
Be a total planning pro! I meal prep on Sundays, schedule my workouts like meetings, and pack my gym bag before bed, and I don't miss a beat . And this doesn’t mean you have to overcomplicate things: Having go-to healthy meals you know that you can prep in a pinch when the week gets a little crazy is a step of that support system I am referring to in the planning process.

Keep Your Workouts Consistent
One major thing all women and men who’ve lost weight have in common is consistency—not only does this keep your goals moving in the right direction, but many say consistency was also important for setting up a healthy daily routine. If you hit the gym hard for two weeks, and then let the busy schedule get the better of you the next two weeks your goals will be inconsistent and your results will slack, and you may spiral into not food prepping as well anymore.
Don't think that no workout is better than a quick workout; even if you don’t have a full 60 minutes to spend at the gym, that doesn’t mean a 20-minute routine isn’t worthwhile.

Put Yourself First
Individuals who have started losing weight, also have started treating their bodies well in other regards, too—that includes getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, and making time to put themselves first. Many of them frame it as having newfound relationship with their body—they treat it well, and it treats them well in return. Whether it means making time to meditate, hitting the sheets an hour earlier, or just doing things that make them feel good, losing weight taught many women to make themselves a priority in their life—and that includes their fitness and nutrition plans. 

Zeke Samples