Eating Healthy: Get Results now - Here is How to Do It.

Eating healthy meals can be easier than you think with the correct budget and the right knowledge and strategy. 

It can actually be cheaper to eat healthy meals than unhealthy meals and snacks. This is in large part due to the fact that when you’re eating a healthier diet you are less likely to spend money on frivolous foods such as: snacks, fast food, restaurant meals, and other varieties of junk. You are also less likely to waste food when you buy and eat nutritiously. 

Meal prepping is strongly associated with pre-planning meals, shopping specifically for the ingredients to use in the meals, leading to bulk cooking sessions, and the storage of those cooked foods for future consumption.

Here area few tips to keep yourself on the right track; commit to yourself that you want results strongly enough and you will start to see what you want to see unfold before your eyes.

Buy Frozen
uying frozen vegetables is a good idea when you’re trying to save money because they are often less expensive than the ‘fresh’ varieties in the produce section.
onus Tip: Frozen veggies are frozen at the peak of their freshness so you don’t have to sacrifice freshness or quality for cost.

Buy Whole
Avoid processed foods. They may seem cheap but buying the whole ingredients and making the food yourself will often actually come with a lower price tag when you factor in the amount of food that you are able to make.
onus Tip: Purchasing whole ingredients allows you to make many different recipes for the same price, if not cheaper, than that frozen meal; and it will most likely be a ton less sodium! 

Use Coupons
Most coupons are for processed foods which you will be staying away from, but you can still find occasional coupons from your local grocer for meat, dairy, and seafood (often the most expensive items on grocery lists).

Shop Farmer's Markets
You can get the best local foods by shopping at your local farmer’s market, and often you can get them for much less than at your local grocery store. 
Bonus Tip: By shopping the farmer’s market you will also force yourself to buy ‘in-season’ which translates to an even tastier and healthier meal for you.

Plan Ahead and Stock Up
Make a menu of meals that you’ll cook for the week and then make a list of ingredients that you’ll need to buy in order to prepare these meals. When you go to shopping, buy only what is on your list so that you won’t waste anything. If you have an extra freezer or refrigerator don’t be afraid to stock up on frequently used ingredients when they go on sale. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale though, make sure that it is in fact something that you will cook and eat before it goes bad.

Plan Ahead and Meal Prep
This is a photo of one of my meal prep's.  One of the easiest ways to make sure that you maintain your food budget for the entire week is to meal prep. You could grow your own veggies or stock up on all the deals at the grocer; make a meal menu and only buy those ingredients, use coupons, shop at the farmer’s market, and swap meat out of your diet. 

Something to Remember: If you don’t have quick easy grab meals on hand at all times you’re more likely to skip cooking and opt for quick food out. 
There is no special secret to planning or creating healthy meals on a budget. There are only techniques that will make the process both easier and more enjoyable. 
Imagine having an extra $100 in your pocket every week to save for vacations, pay a bill, or spend on fun activities. The best part about all of it is that you’ll be eating healthier so you’ll feel more energetic so you’ll want to go out and enjoy yourself with your newly saved cash.

Zeke Samples