Will You Be Accountable Enough To Not Skip Breakfast?

We have all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But are you responsible enough not to skip it?  

Here are 3 reasons to support the reason why you want to eat your breakfast each day:

1.  Weight-Loss:  
Eating breakfast helps your body calorically balance your daily intake of food, by starting the day off on the right track; giving it calories - metabolic 'conditioning' if you will, for the day, and also allows the body to manage your food intake throughout the day. 

When you miss breakfast, your tendency is to eat more later during lunchtime or when snacking. Feel hungry the MOST during the early afternoon?  Hmm.. I have written many nutritional guidance plans, and I find 'yes' to be the most common answer to this question.  Consider this, and place a change in motion if this is you.  Don't just eat fruit; make it your personal goal to include protein and fiber in your breakfast to help you feel full and satisfied for the remainder of the day.

2.  Breakfast Does the Heart Good:  Studies show people who eat breakfast, particularly whole-grain cereals, have lower cholesterol and insulin levels.

3.  Metabolic Benefits: ...of eating first thing in the morning? HUGE! - Just look at the Body-Clock:

The importance of consuming calories first thing in the morning is vital to reaching both weight-loss and muscle gain goals.  If the first thing somebody eats in the day is a mid-morning snack, he or she does not get the full metabolic benefits.  Making time for breakfast is a healthy way to start your day.

Fix a bowl of oatmeal with some berries, or have low fat yogurt with oats and fruit.  Prepare meals in advance to help save time in the morning.  Make your own protein, or cereal bars.  Cut up fruit, portion snack bags of nuts, and cook hard boiled eggs to eat and go. 

Think of your morning commute.  Is it long? The best morning meal is a balanced mix of healthy choices that will keep you satisfied longer than your morning commute.  No commute and work from home?  Then consider how hungry you feel in the morning with a healthy exercise regimen performed throughout the week.  

Elect whole fruits over juice, as they contain more fiber; consider adding protein from an egg or nuts to help you feel fuller, longer.