Clubbell Kettle Mace: Improve Your Sports Game!


Are you thinking of trying a new sport this year? Here's a great way to improve your game in the following sports: golf, tennis, and baseball. This CLUB BELL is a rare and often misunderstood tool for exercise. It is much heavier than it looks, comes in various sizes (weight resistance levels), and when you swing it, you will add torso and core strength to improve control and balance for sports. Functional fitness enthusiasts and those engaging in natural movements have also found a love for mace training because it provides a fantastic overall full-body workout.

The Proper Grip (Two Varieties):

A Few Example Exercises:

The Barbarian Squat:

A great full-body exercise! You’re working your upper as well as your lower body in a single movement. Begin in a standing position with the mace behind your neck. Start lowering your body into a squatting position while simultaneously bringing the mace to the front. You’ve successfully completed the exercise if you’re in a full squat and the mace is in front of you. Return to your starting position by standing while simultaneously bringing the mace back to its original position. Repeat.

The 'Grave-Digger' :

If you just finished Spring weekend yard work, you may feel like you are doing it all over again when you try this movement.  Hold the mace like you would a shovel and pretend like you’re digging a hole in the ground with the heavy end (the mace ball end). Repeat for several repetitions; either 15-20 per side, or for a timed length such as 30 seconds before alternating sides. Remember to switch up your hands to work the other side of your body.

The Kettle Mace is a great addition to your next exercise program.  You could use it every workout in different varieties of movements to work everything from your Back, to your Shoulders and abs, or you could use it occasionally to break a possible boredom in your workout program.  I use it with clients on occasion, I have a 16lb, 12lb, and also a 10lb mace.  Females generally use the 10lb, while my guys use the 12lb and 16lb.  Again, it depends on the movement, but we use it in a cycle of a few machine exercises, or abs.  Nothing beats the traditional gym movements for safety, joint and ligament care, but it is fun to change it up at times.

Have fun and be safe!