Smart and Simple Snacks

Many of us have applied the knowledge that we need to add small snacks throughout the day.  However, others are still a little confused on what snacks are good, better, and best.  Small snacks throughout the day (in between meals) can increase your metabolism and sideline your hunger. 


35 years ago, the daily caloric intake average by Americans was 1800 calories.  10 years ago, this figure rose to 2400 calories a day due to several reasons; many varieties of food chains, technology increases, etc. resulting in an elevation of child obesity over the years.  It is very important to take nutrition seriously if you want to not only stay healthy, but also alive. Many diseases can be sent to remission, others cured with proper education and knowledge. Don't fall victim to thinking prescriptions are the only answer. 

The Following Are 3 Smart and Simple Snack Ideas That You Can Try


- often referred to as being in a group known as "Healthy Fats", nuts are a great source of protein, fiber, vitamin E, and plant sterols. Due to their high monounsaturated fat content, nuts contain heart healthy omega-3 fat.

Carrots and Celery:

- not only healthy, but easy to prepare, these two members of the vegetable family are not only good sources of fiber, but also are jam packed with several minerals and vitamins. *try them with an all-natural peanut butter or almond butter to add additional healthy fats to your diet and snack, or try with a low-fat Laughing Cow® cheese for a different flavor. 

Dried Cranberries, Blueberries, or Low-Glycemic Farm Fresh Fruit:

- a glycemic fruit below a 55 on the glycemic index will be helpful to your goals because the ability for it to be metabolized as sugar is minimized. Both cranberries and blueberries are both great examples of fruits very high in antioxidants and also vitamins.


Snacks should not only be delicious and nutritious, but should also be easy and not a chore. Make snack choices that are easy to maintain, and especially, easy to repeat. You want to add them to your daily regimen so that your calories stay consistent throughout the day, each day.  Remember, you can still eat healthy and then yo-yo 'the healthy' by not being consistent with your daily caloric intake. Make your snacks at the beginning of the day or the night before; either way, you will be prepared to move through your day attacking hunger in its tracks.