For Parents: Back to School is the "New Year"! Get Motivated!

When the kids got out of school, you probably were thinking "I will have no time for me now, unless we put them in a day camp." Well, sometimes the Summer  rituals are unavoidable, so if this is you, take a look at this time of year for you to get rejuvenated and refocused again! 

Back to school time is a great time to start a new activity to get in shape or continue one that stopped at the beginning of Summer.  You are restarting your routine and have a fresh season to get motivated all over again before the holidays.

1.  Is there a new physical activity that you want to pursue?  A new workout regimen? If it is too hot for you to run in the Summer, now that the Fall is coming, this can be a great time for you to rekindle your physical activities. 

2.  Integrate exercise into your 'life schedule'.  After shuttling the kids to lacrosse or football practice, consider using the time they are on the field to walk around the outside of the field.  If practice is long and time allows, head to the local gym, personal training studio or home again; wherever there is a cardio machine or gym equipment.

3.  *Key for Safety: Get accustomed to a route that avoids traffic before the days begin to get shorter again this Fall.  If possible, use trails or a local school track to avoid vehicle traffic.  And if you must use the roads, try to work out at the same time every day; hopefully the traffic load will remain constant for you.

Parents...Strive for the 3 C's:




- You can create your own routine having all 3 C's for a successful fitness program

With the change of seasons comes a renewed time to rethink and restart; what's so special about January?

Fitness Moms and Rachael C.jpg

Exercise takes Commitment

Say adiós to the excuses!

We're all busy; that's just part of our lives.  

Think of "Back to School" as the 2nd "New Year". 

Convenience means choosing a gym that fits your needs, utilizing an activity or regimen you can perform at home, or selecting a time when you're not likely to be interrupted by distractions.

Consistency With a small time dedication each day, you will see faster and greater results than if your exercise was sporadic. 15 minutes a day is much better than 45 minutes, once a week.

Now, with all this workout talk, don't forget about breakfast! For both the kids and for you.  

No Chic-fil-a drive thru's in the morning; this restaurant is finally posting the nutrition facts on the drive-thru board. Look at the fried vs. the grilled caloric numbers... Striking! 
Cereals, oats, grains, 100% juice (not from concentrate), yogurt..make healthy decisions.   

Look for high fiber foods to start the day. 
Limit sugars to single digits during meals; tough at first, but if the goal for you is weight-loss, wow, what a difference cutting out daily sugar intake can make!

Hope you enjoyed today's blog. Start off this back-to-school month right!