Sugar Addiction - The Perpetual Cycle

Sweets may not be the issue for you; you may have trouble simply not being able to lower your carbohydrates enough to see the body toning and weight-loss results that you seek from your gym laboring efforts.  Teaching you the Glycemic Index and how it can be used, allows me to educate you to make better choices during the time of nutritional consumption.  Understanding how to balance your carbohydrates is key.

Helpful tips and actions to keep sugar levels in check:

  • Keep The Sweets Out of Your Reach

If the temptation is not around, you physically cannot eat it.  If you know you cannot have it because it isn't there, the craving may never initially develop.

  • When a Craving Hits, Go for a Short Walk

Take some music with you and get your mind distracted; 10 minutes of exercise can curb a craving attack. 

  • Avoid "Diet" and "Sugar-Free" Foods

Eaten on a regular basis, they may help you break a craving for real sugar, but if you still eat the same amounts of foods, even when sugar-free, the taste buds still crave the sweetness.  Foods that are chemically sweetened, are actually sweeter than foods made with real sugar.

  • Try Something Spicy or Salty Instead (Sea-Salt)

Either of these actions can help break the brain's cycle that currently calls for the belief that "craving equals reward" and re-train the brain to not crave sweet foods.  Try Wasabi peas, 10-15 nuts of any kind, or a bag of '100 calorie popcorn'.

  • Include More High Fiber Foods

Eat smart.  Vegetables are always a winner.  Beans, lentils, whole grains, and low glycemic fruits.  

Check out my glycemic index for your specific food reference HERE

Blocking the craving before it happens is much easier than dealing with one after it comes.  Learning how to eat well balanced meals and putting to practice better eating habits, will allow you reap the reward of a more healthy, physical lifestyle.