Some of the Best Late Night Snacks

Beating the late-night snack craving can be tough, especially if you are just starting a nutritional program or trying to lose some weight. Don't get discouraged!! There are lots of great nutritional choices that can help you.  Some even get creative without changing the taste buds reaction (note the pudding example with water, listed below).
Here are 3 examples of snacks that are low in both carbohydrate and fat calories, while still containing a fair amount of protein. Give one of them a try the next time you have a late-night hunger attack.

Cottage Cheese with Live Cultures

Cottage Cheese is an excellent choice for a nighttime snack because it's low in carbohydrates and high in protein. Try 2/3 or 3/4 of a Cup; see which portion helps you feel fuller and kill the cravings to eat something that could have been worse. 

NOTE: Look for cottage cheese with live and active cultures to get a dose of probiotics without having to take a supplement.

2/3 cup - 3/4 cup cottage cheese 

Servings: 1

Low Sugar Double Chocolate Pudding

This double chocolate spin on instant pudding is a guilt-free way to enjoy a carb-conscious chocolate treat that cuts out nearly 15 grams of sugar and 6 grams of fat per serving, compared to regular milk.

1 packet sugar-free, fat-free instant chocolate pudding (or flavor of choice)
1 cup SKIM milk or 'Calorie Countdown' Regular or Chocolate Milk, 1/2 Cup Water (Cuts out additional calories).

NOTE: Cutting out milk completely and just using water will cut out another 120 calories.

How to prepare: With a wire wisk, mix together 1 packet of pudding mix with 1 cup of cold 'Calorie Countdown' Regular or Chocolate Milk, and 1/2 Water for 2 minutes. Pour pudding into bowls. Place in refrigerator for at least 5 minutes before eating.

Servings: 4 Equal Portions

Endangered Species Organic Dark Chocolate

Endangered Species chocolate bars are vegan, gluten-free, certified organic and contain 70-percent cacao. This dark chocolate treat will satisfy your late-night sweet tooth while providing a hefty dose of antioxidants, which can help lower your blood pressure and improve blood vessel function.

5 squares from a 3oz bar