What Zeke takes for his Pre-Workout

Energy without Edge; Health with Healing

I want to feel good and happy; not jacked and temperamental.. exercise should be fun.. so I have been searching.. I can muster up my motivation from within and create the mental strength I need for a workout, but yes, I wanted something that gave me energy without the after affects.. AND, I wanted something healthy.. that I didn't have to CYCLE off of because it was "harsh to be on it for long periods of time"..

I want to introduce you to a multivitamin that not only has the best absorption on the market backed with consistent results, but also one that I have been taking as a pre-workout.. mixed into my BCAA's that I sip on as I train.  I don't like ephedrine and I honestly don't want in my body, the toxicity of what a lot of the pre-workouts on the market today, have in them, even if they don't have ephedrine. This is also the first time..ever.. I have not been sick during the Winter with a cold or a stomach flu.

Prodovite® has been tested for the top 147 banned substances according to World Anti-Doping Association (WADA), and is approved for athletic use.  Prodovite is a revolutionary product that has major backing with video testimonials.  Aside from the ones I have added here in today's blog, there are many more you can view that show the healing process this substance provides..  

We are made of Air, Water, Food, and Sunshine. The importance of each of those things can be measured by how long you live without them. So, air and water are the two most important to staying alive. Moreover, the quality of your health is directly proportional to and dependent on the quality and usability of those factors. Food (nutrition) is what enables your body to use air, water, and sunshine; and Prodovite® enables your body to make better use of your food as well. Prodovite®is a liquid multivitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient complex that uses an exclusive Prodosome® Encapsulation Technology to promote rapid and sustainable absorption of its nutritional ingredients. Prodovite® provides nutrients that enable your body to achieve the best use of air (oxygen), water, and sunshine; and supports optimal health, energy and vitality by simultaneously delivering quality bioavailable and bioactive ingredients into the body quickly and effectively.  Here is a quick 4 minute explanation of Prodovite. 

Prodovite® Supplement Live Blood Cell Imaging

In the video above, you will be watching stunning before and after results of what an individual's blood analysis looks like. The individual's blood is first sampled, then this individual is given 1 ounce of the Prodovite® Multi-Vitamin. The Microscopist waits 5 minutes, and then takes another blood sample. This study demonstrates that Prodovite's ingredients Get In. Wait until you see the difference this product makes in your health. This individual was one of the subjects in the clinical study that was published in the journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease. 

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