Excuses are the Nails to Build a House of Failure

Negative thoughts can be all around you and very easy to take part in either alone or with others.  Think about telling yourself you are overweight or out of shape; that's negativity.  Instead, think in a different way; telling yourself you are beautiful or strong.  Tell yourself that you are reaching your goals and going to succeed. 

Trials and tribulations can cause you to get off your diet, stop going to the gym, maybe even cross over with depression, causing you to drink or smoke and spiral down into medications and other 'escapes' that keep you from believing in yourself. 

The six best doctors in the world are sunlight, rest, exercise, diet, self confidence and friends.  Maintain them in all stages of your life and you will enjoy a healthy life. The older we get, the fewer things seem worth waiting in line for right?

We become our best; whole again when we change the voice within our own head. A mentor once told me, 'get out of your mind if you want to start feeling better'.  It's very true.  I believe opportunities will continue to hemorrhage until the mind is clear.  When you are trying to drive out bad thinking you may have to say things over and over again.  Your 'they' might be 'you' in disguise.  Don't hold back because what you think 'they' may not believe in you or support you. You have a limited perception of what is in your hand. If you don't have any confidence in private you won't have any power in public. 

2 Things you can control: Attitude and Effort

As you approach the weekend, use it as a time to think about where you want to be this Summer; personally and physically.  Then find the right people to add to your journey of success. In the gym, find the best trainer; in friends, hang out with the dreamers.. the dreamers support you and give you motivation and add to your faith in accomplishing greatness. Think of the situations you are going through, the struggles; don't take condemnation, take invitation into who you were designed to be. You can't fall in love with the results and hate the process. 

-Zeke Samples, WBFF Pro, CSN, IFA, IDEA

Owner, Surreal Body Solutions