Dining Out Doesn't Mean Doom

Depending on the overall goal of the diet, a diet can be tough to follow and frustrating when we don't see the results.  A diet for size gain can be fun; typically called the "off-season" diet, this diet we can usually eat just about whatever we want to eat! All in the name of mass gain.. My mass gaining diets do not follow this protocol though; I do not believe in weight gainers from GNC; its sugar and just a bunch of junk.  

When we are talking weight-loss, however, if we are not preparing our meals and eating out a lot, we can see doom on the horizon.  'Food Vulnerability' is what we face with regard to decision making when we are eating out; when we are eating out we could possibly eat more than we had planned to eat.  Restaurant dining is more challenging for those aiming to cut calories when they don't arrive with a plan in mind.  Do you go into a restaurant having never looked at the menu?  If you answered yes, then you don't have a game plan in mind.  I often tell my clients to review the menu beforehand so they have some idea of what to pick so they're not unduly influenced by everyone [else's] decision.

According to facts from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 70 percent of American adults over age 20 are overweight or obese. On top of that, an estimated 45 million Americans diet each year to try and overcome weight gain, according to Boston Medical Center's Nutrition and Weight Management Center.

What do you think of this proposal?  Factors such as home, a restaurant or workplace -- as well as whether you are alone or with others, will weigh in (no pun intended) to the food ordering decision making process as well as the results from restaurant eating decisions.

Diet temptations can be defined as eating a food or an amount of food inconsistent with a weight loss plan. Diet temptations can occur most often in a restaurant while eating with others or in sight of others who were eating; less temptation is in your own home, but keep in mind that the likelihood of a lapse happening in someone else's house is also present!  Now having said all this, I would never tell you not to go out and eat with friends, just be mindful of what you're eating.  

In conclusion, challenge yourself to frame your healthy eating plans as a lifestyle rather than a diet.  Test yourself...Set the bar to 100%.  Ask yourself.. when do I lapse? When do I lapse the most? Then challenge yourself not to fall below 100%.  For example, if you said 100% was no lapse, then doing it once, drops you to 50%; doing it 2 out of 3 days raises you to 75%..and so on.  Would you say you are 40% at work?  30% when in a car?  Think of it this way..

If you are still trying to lose weight, you can still enjoy eating out with friends by making a few small tweaks that can save you from consuming too many calories.  For example, if everyone is ordering alcoholic beverages, don't order a Long Island iced tea, which can have 800 calories; order a glass of wine, a shot mixed with club soda or don't drink at all (best choice).

And dessert? Well thats a no brainer for weight loss goals. :)

Enjoy!  Don't stress and teach yourself to follow the outline suggestions above; with practice, you will have great success. 

- Zeke Samples -

Online Training: Zeke@SurrealBodySolutions.com