6 Exercises for Size as well as Tone for the Arms

Zeke’s Drag Curls (Using Short Bar, Long Bar, or “E-Z Curl Bar”)

Whenever you want to find exercises for your arms, it’s important to focus on your biceps. Bicep curls are great and they’re easy to do. You need to find a weight that is going to challenge you at 15-20 repititions.  weights, and you can start really small if you need to, gradually working your way up to something heavier. Your back needs to be straight, but you need to place one foot forward for balance; the foot that is behind will have the heel off of the ground (adding to the balance).  Lift bar to navel (this will move the elbows back naturally; this is what we want to do; this is your starting point.  Hold the bar with your palms facing forward, raise the bar to chest KEEPING THE ELBOWS BACK. Note: You will not be ‘circling with the bar’, you will be elevating it in a straight line to your Chest.

Hammer Curls

Hammer curls work both your biceps and your forearms. This time, while holding the weights, your palms should face inward and you need to keep your elbows near your body. It’s basically the same as a bicep curl, where you bring your hands up to your shoulder, but actually, the direction of your palm makes a huge difference.

Tricep Dips

This exercise is ideal if you want the backs of your arms toned. Get a chair, and position yourself so you’re a few feet away from it as you face away. Your hands go on the seat, which should be behind you now, but your fingers need to be pointing toward your body. With your legs straight, dip down slowly, using your arms in a slow bend. Stop when your arms are close to 90 degrees. Then, use your arms – primarily your triceps – to push yourself up again.

Tricep Kickback

Triceps kickbacks are great for your arms as well.  Defining the triceps is the desire of any woman and men can use it as a great movement to shape the tricep or add size to the upper head of the tricep.  Keep the elbow stable by your ribs as you extend the dumbbell back.  Learn a special grip that leads to better results in the video above. ** 

Arm Circles

This is another great exercise for slimming your arms, and it’s super easy. Hold your arms straight out to either side of you – and make circles! Be a windmill! As a kid in gym class, you probably thought this was the dumbest exercise ever, but it’s really helpful. Start out circling your arms to the front; begin with tiny circles, then work your way up to bigger ones. There are no real reps with this, so do it for 3-5 minutes, then reverse direction and repeat.

Side Lateral Raises

This exercise uses light dumbbells.  It is mainly a shaping exercise and over time can produce a fantastic look of shape to the outer shoulder. Make sure to keep your elbows slightly higher than your wrists as you raise your arms from your sides to horizontal, in-line with your shoulders.

The exercises for slimming your arms are extremely easy! They won’t take a lot of time out of your day, and in no time at all, you’ll start seeing results.


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